National Council for the Promotion of Urdu language

National Council for the Promotion of Urdu language is an autonomous organisation under the ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India. Initially it promoted in establishing of urdu calligraphy centre. But with the advent of Urdu software, computers took place of calligraphy. Considering the limited usage of Urdu software, a composite programme of Urdu & English DTP was introduced about 11 years ago.

NCPUL supports organisations which can establish centers, with Hardware & Software Technical know how and financial assistance.

Majlis-E Millia Islamia is a social welfare organisation and is serving the community in the field of education, health and social activities. One among these is MMI-NCPUL COMPUTER CENTRE. It was established in the year 1999.

This centre was established mainly for the benefit of girls. Such of those who have passed or studied up 10th standard are eligible for admission.

MMI-NCPUL COMPUTER CENTRE has been setup with the objective of promoting, developing, and propagating Urdu language and linking the language with Information Technology. However its activities were, diversified by inclusion of useful DTP application of English.

Financial Assistance:

Initially NCPUL provided six computers, one mono printer, one color printer and a scanner. Majlis-E-Millia Islamia provided necessary appurtenance required for the Centre. Later the systems were upgraded with New Pentium IV computers.

Financial assistance to the extent of Rs. 85,000 is provided by the NCPUL annually towards salaries of Supervisor and an attender, and salaries of other two members of faculty are paid through their agent Kathuria Information Technology.